There were a total of 403 unique routes, involving bridge crossings, connecting 183 villages. To compare the geographic reach of each bridge, each route is split into 2 segments connecting the home village to the bridge, and then to the destination. Path segments are color-coded according to the most popular travel purpose category, with widths representing travel volume.

6,530 people of all ages were counted during the catchment survey program, travelling across the 6 bridges for a myriad of activities. A much larger population of 36,659 is estimated to be directly served by the 6 bridges.

On average, each bridge were surveyed on 14 separate days, with the program lasting from August 2019 to March 2020.


I started school when I was 10 because I couldn't cross the old bridge by myself. I didn't study at nursery age, and when you study at nursery age, you learn more things. I used to be 30th in my class. I had repeated bad performance because I missed school. Now I'm 6th in my class - my marks have improved.


Before the bridge, it would take me one hour to get to the market and when it rained, I would have to turn back, because the river was too dangerous to cross. Now it only takes me 3 minutes whether it's raining or not.